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NEW VIDEO: Watch The Entire Process of Painting the Mainstreethost Mural

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The Process

Among many other projects with clients and customers, it all ra> has provided me with so much over the years ever since I first began employment there in 2012, and even after I moved in 2014. Every single person that I’ve met through this company, has provided me with great opportunities and friendship that has outlasted the majority of acquaintances that I’ve acquired, which I treasure dearly.


In conversations with Ross Marranca, CEO of Mainstreethost, and the Marketing Department, we decided to create a design for a mural that dignified their re-brand, which was developed so professionally in early 2018. This consisted of the new logo and mascot, Miles, who was created by the hands of Mike Chudy, Enterprise Marketing Specialist, with other elements created during the rebrand: a rocket through space, and the wonderful characters designed from Google update names (Panda, Penguin, Possum, Pigeon, and Hummingbird). As a digital marketing agency, they make sure businesses make good marketing decisions with their websites to keep them from falling into being penalized against search engines, so it was an aspect that wanted to be included with a similar style of Miles, the robot.



Among a few different versions, we arrived at the design you see below:

Mainstreethost Mural 2018 Biondo Art


Once we finalized the design, it was time to plan the trip back to my hometown in Buffalo, NY. My mom and I took the trip from Sarasota, FL, and drove north through the United States for 1,300 miles!


There’s so many great people I didn’t get picture with, but still had some of the best conversations and laughs with everyone there! Check out some of the pictures of everyone below!


How could I ever forget the first major opportunity that I was given at Mainstreethost by painting the first mural design, while I was employed as the Marketing Graphic Designer in 2012. Take a moment to watch the time-lapse video that Kyle Toth made for the first painting:


Thank You
Thank you to everyone involved in this project from the mural, especially Ross & the Marranca Family, and everyone in great sprits, super friendly, & respectful at Mainstreethost; the aerial footage and video production with Noah Chavez; marketing with Dave Perry, Paul Mergenhagen, & John Buesink; and of course my mom, Sandra Biondo, for taking the best driving footage ever! 😎

I had so much fun in the great city of Buffalo… my beloved hometown! It was so great to see my friends and family, and even had the chance to meet some really cool new friends!

Stay motivated, work hard, remain positive in all situations, and always encourage others to do their best!

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