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PANCHO POWER! Pancho Billa’s Story As A Children’s Book!

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BillsMafia, I can’t describe the feeling of excitement in me at this moment. Roselyn Kasmire, Ezra U. Castro / Pancho Billa, and I all came together with a magical sense to bring you the pinnacle of our creativity in Pancho Power! Personally, I feel this is my best work in hand-drawn illustration & character design, and you will know Roselyn’s superpower for writing!

One night, I received a phone call from Ezra Castro after so many wild ups & downs with the 2018 Buffalo Bills season, which seemed to mimic his health with his tremendous battle with cancer. That very phone call led to a vision of working alongside the wonderful author, Roselyn Kasmire, for a story about Ezra’s illness and gaining strength & power becoming the legendary Pancho Billa! Filled with awe and excitement, we all went to work to create this brilliant children’s book, Pancho Power! Every conversation I had with Ezra was inspiring on a level that made me want to be a better person. In his honor, we hope that everyone will enjoy this book and his legacy as Pancho Billa.

HUGE Thank you to everyone for supporting this!

Pancho Power by Roselyn Kasmire, Illustrated by Michael Biondo
Pancho Power by Roselyn Kasmire, Illustrated by Michael Biondo


Nicole Anna of 7 Eyewitness News WKBW set up a wonderful interview with Veronica, Roselyn Kasmire, and I about Ezra Castro’s Pancho Power children’s book! I love the positive responses from everyone regarding all of the hard work it took to create this book for Ezra’s family! 🙏


This is such a touching tribute to Ezra Castro / Pancho Billa on WGRZ – Channel 2, Buffalo speaking about Pancho Power and as Del Reid mentions “as close to a superhero as a lot of us will ever get to see!”

“His legacy can live on for his children, his grandchildren, his fans, and friends” ~Roselyn Kasmire


The book should be ready late September this year, but you can pre-order Pancho Power right now at Take a minute to head over and support Ezra’s family by purchasing one of these books!

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  1. I would be honored to have this book thank you for the offer and best of luck good luck best wishes thank you again

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